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  "I don't know why, but I actually cried a bit just now when I found out that you deleted the first Block B Text Messages story... it was my favourite fic on AFF about them, and I'll really miss it. I'd go back and reread all of them and laugh so hard every time. But of course it's your decision to do what you want with your writing, and I respect that. I guess I just wanted to let you know that I think they were every bit as good as the messages you write now! ;w; Good luck with your future fic!"

I am so sorry,lovely,i really am. Please come off anon and tell me about the chapters you liked the most,or remember,i’ll re-write them for you ^^

I actually did tear up a bit,i don’t know,i think i am too sensitive and emotional these days. Isn’t it sad that all these will just end one day? Like one day i will stop writing fan fictions,delete them,delete this blog and will probably never talk to you guys again,you too will move on…

That is why i always encourage you guys to comment and let me know that you guys are enjoying it.Because before you know it,all will be gone.

It is so encouraging to get a message like this,thank you~ thank you so much T.T


because bbomb wants it (x)

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I can only wonder what was going through his mind.

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sometimes I think Exo should be a little harder on the sasaengs like give em more shade ‘cause part of the reason why Block B doesn’t have a lot of them is because Zico glares at them like he wants rip their kidneys out

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